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There is epitomol bliss above and beyond what we are presently experiencing. A "real" knowing that all will be provided for and all will be caretaken with inspiration, faith and trust. There is a state of being in our accomplishment that calls us to seek out these things. The things that provide for the embetterment, as well as for the things that work as a catalyst to provoke us out from our states of dormancy. Rain no more on your own parade, sovereign being, but see that all around you is the state of the art comprehension of what it takes to be beyond the given situation, and realize the catastrophes of our own making are ready to be dismantled with fortitude. No more dying on the cross of our own existence, but allowing the will to move to the wayside in order to make way for the divine. This is what we hunger for in our seeking, the ability to let go, and let God.

Teach others to learn through higher communication.

As we continue to grow, we find we our transcending. We grow past certain situations in our lives that we previously found stifling, conflicting and overwhelming. We grow beyond our own restrictions we place on ourselves.

Once a prisoner of our own thoughts, it is only through continual seeking for freedom from our self imposed bondage can we really bask in the delight of the spirit, and behold the oneness that is all pervading with our God, our Universe and our Connectedness.

It is when we seek in earnest for the true filling of the divine or Holy Spirit can we come to know the meaning of being an "empty vessel", the cup that desires to overflow.

Seek to replenish in spirit, seek to know truth, seek to reveal any ironies, seek to come undone of the adversities of our own making, seek to ignite a higher plane of existence other than the one you keep. Seek to reestablish thy footsteps in the realm of God. Seek to know what the answer is to your dilemma, and how to hold your head high if you are lost. Do not be avoided in the cause. Just shuffle your own foot until the going gets good. Seek to reveal yourself unto yourself. Seek to move any mountains in your premise, no matter how painstaking, without turmoil, but with the grace, trust and faith of God. Seek your renewal. Deny yourself. Deny your exasperated feelings when things are not going your own way. Deny your open wounds, Deny your aching heart, and see that you have become one with the Divine. Allow this to take precedence in your life and you will see a whole new view, a new light, a new perspective, and a strong tower fortress of God never experienced in your realm before. You will be released as the prisoner of your own chains. You will be free at last to proclaim the righteousness of what it is all for. You will be released from the bonds of your existence that threaten to worry you, tire you and cause you fear. You can be all these things in the light of God. The powerful extinguisher of "our will", is "the will of God", and your restlessness comes to an end when you find this page. Seek now, and begin your reunion with your birthright. The right of passage in the Kingdom evermore.

A Gift from the Divine Spirit,
as received through
"GodScribe", TLTROW, 1998