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Received by Radha during a Global Peace Link on 22 December 1998 when the Earth and the Sun both simultaneously entered the Photon Belt for the first time in 10,600 years.


Copyright Caroline Fitzgerald (Radha)


I Am Archangel Sandalphon, come to join my energies with you here tonight, though time and space, and planets beyond your imagination, for I Am of the Elohim energy, those who have been charged, since the first individuation of Source, with the direction of the creation of life. It is we who first took that burgeoning thought from the Creator, and with the assistance of the Logos, did produce, with the energy of unconditional love, the form which you now experience. Beloved ones, although I Am here this evening as spokesperson as it were, know that we are, in fact, a group energy that you have termed the Angels, the Archangels, the energy of the Elohim. For aeons of time we have watched the progression of life upon your planet. We have seen the great Ages come and go. We have seen the great civilisations existing upon Earth, of which you are but only fractionally aware - great Golden Ages that existed long before your recorded histories ever began - that is the recorded histories that you are now in possession of. For do not think that life started upon this planet but a few thousand years ago.

Indeed, there have been many root races that have existed here, and brought their culture, wisdom and technology to exist in these environs of time and space. But, as with all things within creation, it has its time for birthing, its time for a great influx of ideas, its time for growth, and then - as you would term it - the "dying" away, although from our aspect of things there is no death, but simply a re-absorbtion back into the unformed, unmanifest Oneness of Source energy. So, these great civilisations have arisen upon your planet, taken their span of time to come through the experiential, expressed potential stages and have then been reabsorbed back, taking with them the totality of their experiences, knowledge and wisdom into the great ocean of cosmic consciousness. And once again, we see here on this planet the flowering of human life, Humankind. Now you are standing at the very brink, the edge, of what will be one of the greatest growth periods for Humankind.

As you return once more within the influence of that which you have called the Photon Belt; as you draw ever closer into union with the cosmic center of your greater galaxy; as you come into alignment with the planet Alcyon, so you will feel, more intensely than ever, the influence upon you of great cosmic winds and forces that have not been experienced here on Earth for many millennia. You are coming to feel in greater force the Elohic energy, and that is why, around the world, consciousness is awakening and many ones are realising and channelling that the Angels are returning upon your planet. It's not so much that the Angels are returning, but rather that your planet has moved into a position where it may be more fully in alignment with the Elohic/Photonic force of energy, the great creational force which interacts always with burgeoning life, impacting upon it most magnificently, and assisting it to achieve its greatest potential. You could say, in many ways, that this great energy acts as a catalyst upon all of creation. As your Sun stands in alignment with the Earth, now approaching into this great Photonic band, so there will be an even greater interaction between the energies of the Sun and the energies of Earth. You could say that there is a divine union of Source; the masculine energies of the Sun/Son coming ever greater into the consciousness of the young, awakening Mother - the great Goddess Gaia, who you term to be the Planet Earth. And so this energy is felt by every living being within the close environs.

We are aware, beloved ones, of your prayers, for many of you have called I, Sandalphon, the Archangel of Prayer. Indeed it is true, for I take your hopes, your aspirations, your divine wishes, I take this energy from your hearts, and I assist you in magnifying it before He whom you call Lord, great Source Creator Eternal - and I then reflect back to you that magnificence that You Are. For each of you, up until this point, have been conscious of yourselves as human beings, living upon this Earth, but your consciousness has been limited by the third dimensional density in which you find yourselves. Now, as you come into the Photonic Belt, communication will be enhanced.  For a time you will see that the technically based communications around your planet will seem to falter. There will be "interference upon the line" as it were. Much of your standard electrical equipment, those technologies that you have used up until this point in time, will be picking up a great deal of interference, and during that period of time you will be encouraged to have less and less reliance upon these third dimensional means of communication, in order that you may learn to once again use the great universal means of communication - that of intuitive thought powered by the energy of emotion from the heart. You will find yourselves growing in your talent for telepathic communication.

You will find yourselves becoming aware of yourself as being far more than that which is contained within the human form, for as teachers have shared with you for thousands of years, you are indeed a Being and a consciousness that is not limited just to the Human Being that you see here before you. You are joined to the consciousness of the Universe, that great ocean, that great pool that expresses Itself through many dimensions, through many galaxies, eternally. You will start to expand your consciousness, and see yourselves as we see you - fluctuating fields of energy existing within an unlimited potentiality of energy. And then your thoughts and your expressions will expand far beyond anything that you could possibly conceive of in your imaginations at this point in time. You will start to realise, and see yourselves, as being one with the Elohim, one with the Creative Source of All That Is.

We have heard these prayers that have been upon the lips on many throughout your history - these prayers for peace and healing.

But be aware, beloved ones, that it is not within your capacity to manifest in the life of another one that which you have not yet mastered in your own lives!

We realise that your intentions are good, but sadly you have been misled into thinking that you can desire, you can wish for, that you can pray of behalf of another - for only that other being has the ability to manifest that (which you might well desire for them) within their own lives - for themselves. You pray for universal peace, but we must tell you that universal peace will be no more than an unmanifested desire - until such time as each one has created peace within their own hearts, and within their own lives. When each one upon this Earth stands in their own Light, takes response-ability for their own evolvement, and desires from their hearts to live in peace with all, - then shall you see universal peace manifested upon your planet.

True, you will be given much assistance with this, within the energies that are already being poured down upon this Earth. As the Sun is once again greatly activated and responds in Light and in Love to the return of this Elohic energy, this Photon Belt, so the outpouring of this Love from the Sun/Son will be felt throughout the whole of this sector of the galaxy. And the Earth will lift up Her heart and respond also. And mankind will be encouraged to lift up their hearts and respond too. But do not forget that mankind have been given one of the greatest gifts of all from the Source - that of free will; and not until the whole of Mankind, each one, is in inner communication with their own Higher Self, their Higher I Am Presence, and takes the great step of surrendering their free will to that of their greater Presence, in accordance with Divine Will, will peace be seen globally throughout all. So we would ask you, dear ones, to each, individually, go within your own hearts and seek first to find peace there.

We are aware that in this most recent period of time, there would seem to have been a great disruption in certain areas of your world. Beloved ones, do not be filled with fear. Do not be filled with judgement upon that which has happened, but instead give the greatest blessings and gratitude to those dear ones, in far off lands, who have undertaken to play out, on this great cosmic stage, that which is currently being felt within the group consciousness.

Nation would not war with nation were there not unrest, fear and unease within the group consciousness of the whole of humanity!

So give your blessings, dear ones, not your judgements, upon these brothers and sisters who have stood so bravely, and demonstrated back to you the fact that there is still much clearing to be done within each individual heart, until that great dawning once more of the Golden Age of Heaven upon Earth can be seen to be here, manifested yet once again. We do not wish to discourage you in any way. We acknowledge the great progress that you have already made, but we wish merely to tell you that it is not a time for looking outside of yourselves, for desiring the situation to be better, to be suddenly changed around you, if you have not already looked first inwardly, and taken the necessary steps to manifest change from within.

So, beloved ones, bring yourselves into full, conscious alignment with ALL of your brothers and sisters within this human race. Realise, within every moment of your lives, that you are, ALL OF YOU, but aspects of one another. Realise that when you make judgements upon another, you are simply sending the energy of fear and unease to that divine being, and are not assisting the greater evolution of all.

Beloved ones, you judge that which you have not yet come into forgiveness of, or reconciliation with, - WITHIN YOURSELVES!

When you look at another race, and you judge them for making war upon each other, be aware that you too once did the same! Know that throughout your myriad of lifetimes, your multitude of physical expressions upon this and other planets, you have played every conceivable role. But deep within your race memory, and hidden deep within your own, individual, cellular and genetic memory, are these events that you are holding in pain, in fear, and in judgement. It is necessary therefore that you come into a sense of peace with all aspects of yourself! That which you have been in the "past" as you term it, that which you are now, and that which you shall be in the "future" - it is only in giving divine forgiveness to yourselves, reconciling all parts of your self, will you then find yourself in a state of balance and a state of peace, coming once again into a state of integration with All That Is. So peace, dearest ones, must first be manifested within, before it will be manifested without.

But indeed, the time is coming when, as each individual spark of consciousness upon this planet becomes awakened to the totality of that which they are, as each individual consciousness joins into unity with the Source Creator, then there will be left within your hearts no place in which to hide in fear and darkness, for all will be revealed within the group consciousness. If your brother, upon the other side of the planet, is existing in fear and in pain, the YOU will be aware of his fear and pain, and your response will be to fill your hearts, not with judgement, but with Love - to share and emblazon the Love and the Light that You Are - so that his pain and his fear shall be gently dissolved. As you open your arms to another, greeting them as an aspect of yourself, so you shall have no need to be in fear, to stand in defence, to think thoughts of war. It is only in this way, in a great opening of hearts and opening of arms, enveloping your brother and sister with love, drawing them into your heart, that true peace shall be maintained upon your world. But the time IS coming dear ones!

The time is coming, most assuredly, when you will be in such union of consciousness with each other, that the desire of one shall be the common desire of all. We foresee now this time upon your world. We foresee now this great Golden Age manifested once again. You have a saying, we believe, "as the Phoenix rises from the ashes", and out of your fear and troubled minds shall come a time of great Love, of Universal Peace and Light, that shall glow throughout the whole of the universe. Hold this thought, dearest ones. Hold THIS thought in your hearts and in your minds, and make peace within yourselves. Open your hearts in allowing, and in compassion, seeing ALL ones as divine aspects of each other, in union with the great creative Source energy.

We leave you now but for a time, for know that in this joining here this evening, in this coming together in Love, and in desire for Peace expressed within your hearts, you have, each one of you, joined with your own angelic selves - and never again shall the "separation" be quite as it was. Know that each one of you, as indeed each being upon this planet, are the Sons and the Daughters of the Angels. Each one of you is joined at Source, through your own angelic, higher selves. This is your divine nature within. Never forget this. Live this sense of divinity in each and every day. BE that full potentiality of that which You Are/I Am - divine sparks of Light, divine expressions of Love, for THIS is the birthright of your race.

I leave you now, I Sandalphon, in the great energy of Peace, in the energy of the Elohim, manifestors of life and form throughout galaxies.