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This little girl was called the "Littlest Angel" by her mother. This glorious reader saw angels and knew she wanted to be one. She has served as an Earth Angel, dedicating her life to them ever since. Her story is as follows:

The Littlest Angel
"Touched By Angels
by Rose Ann Schwab

I was 6 years old, swimming in the Cedar River, in Iowa with my sister Bernadette who is 3 years older than me. It was a very hot summer day when we were given permission to go to the river to swim not to far from our house. The place where we went swimming was isolated completely except for a couple of fishing boats anchored on the rivers edge. We were playing in the shallower water, when suddenly we realized that while we were playing we had gotten pushed out by the current too far and the current was to strong for us to fight, pulling us even further out.

There was no one around, no one to scream to or hear our calls for help. We felt ourselves being pulled down into the water, sucking the breath right out of us. I don't know how many times we went down and back up trying to get air, and trying to push ourselves toward the bank. Everything was a blur.

As I felt myself going down into the water, slowly going down like it was for the last time, I began having flashes of my life before me. As this past there was darkness, and I felt drawn through this dark tunnel where there was light at the end. When I reached it I was surrounded by light beings, many had faces or shapes. One that started talking to me told me not to be afraid said he was an angel. He told me the angels would appear to me both in physical form and in light bodies, showing me so I would not be afraid. He told me that we both would be send back because their was a special plan for us by God and this would be revealed to us later. I was not afraid, for the warmth of the light and the light bodies around me was full of love, giving me a sense of security. Suddenly I was back in my body coming up hearing the voice say "Dear Ones, we are here with you, do not be frightened. "Relax so we may push you to the shore". The next thing I actually saw was this light streaming down and we were pushed to the edge of the river into safer ground. We pulled ourselves up and collapsed on the rivers edge. As we turned around to look at the bright white light streaming behind us, it suddenly disappeared with a voice saying. "Dear One's God loves you and wants you to know we are always here for you, to talk to you, and assist in any way we can." We laid on the edge for awhile from exhaustion. As we laid there we felt our bodies being filled with this intense warm light, then it was gone. The feeling was so intense and full of love that we felt safe and secure.

That is when I knew I wanted to be one of God's Angels. An Angel who shares their light and love, but also assists other in any way they could. This is what truly inspired me and after that I have communicated with the Angles all my life going on 40 years now. I have tried to use my gifts and abilities the way God would want me to coming from a family of generations of women psychic and now being clairvoyant and a Channeler as well. I keep my integrity and honesty high after those who have touched and enriched my soul, using my gifts and abilities to assist in the spiritual global transformation of all souls. This is where it all began and I hope the end will be my life will touch many in a positive way making a difference and they in turn touch others in this manner, leaving behind the legacy of light and love I was given to share.

Rosie, Angelic Inspirations, http://www.angelicinspirations.com